School Hacks


Today’s post is going to be tips for school/school hacks. For some of you you started school at the start of the year, for the rest of you you started around now.

1. Make friends!
Making friends is hard for some people (me) but having friends there for you is the best thing. You don’t want to be lonely in school.

2. Be organised!
Being organised is really important because otherwise you will forget to do homework or you won’t study or you will loose things. Put things together in a folder or something so you don’t loose the handouts the teachers give you.

3. Wear something comfortable!
If you don’t have a school uniform wear something comfortable. If it’s comfortable and stylish then that’s a bonus!

4. Smile!
Remember to smile because it will make your day better and someone else’s

If you have any other tips leave them in the comments so that people can see it. Also what is your favourite subject in school? Mine’s photography!

Nira xx


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