This post isn’t a happy post but might not be considered a sad post either so I don’t know just thought I would let you know!

I have been having trouble coming up with new blog post ideas. The main reason is because I am scared people are going to judge me about what posts I post. You guys are so nice though but it’s just something that bothers me a lot in real life as well. I worry about what I look like, what people think of me and how I do things. I feel like whenever I open my mouth to say something (which isn’t often I don’t really talk) someone is going to judge me about how I talk or what I say. I also worry that people judge me because of who my friends are. I don’t want to care but it always just comes into my head. I hope some of you can relate to worrying whether people are judging you. Anyway if you guys could let me know what posts you would like to read and if there is a series I could post like school series, lifestyle series.

Nira xx


14 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Aww I can relate so much. I am constantly getting these thoughts and worries and it’s horrible. It’s one of the main reasons I started my own blog (thatweirdgirl2 if you wouldn’t mind checking it out). To have a place where I could say what I thought without worrying what others would think. Keeping being you I love your blog 😊 xx


  2. I literally didn’t know you till today and I already want to know you more. You seem like a really nice person and if anyone is judging you, honey, those who spend time looking for the faults in you, usually make no time to correct themselves xx


  3. I can really relate and i know you posted this a long time ago (sorry for stalking lol!) but I wanted to comment because I totally get what your saying and I am learning at the moment how to feel more confident about myself. I guess if you just be yourself then you can find who your proper friends are and anyways haters are always gonna hate! hope this helped you x

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