A-Z about me tag

This post is a tag and was suggested that I write it by HALE. I tag anyone who wants to do it because it is really fun to write! I will write facts about me that start with the letters going from A-Z. If I miss any letters I’m sorry it just means I couldn’t think of anything!images-2.jpgA: Aubergine-French word for eggplant (I don’t like eggplant but I like the word)

B: Bagels-I love bagels especially with avocado and cream cheese!

B: Blog-Whether it’s reading blogs or writing my own I love them (I know there are 2 b’s I didn’t know which one to get rid of)

C: Cats-I am obsessed with cats

D: Dance-I do ballet and I love dancing, bit hard with knee and ankle problems but oh well

E: Eclairs-French patisserie that is so good (chocolate & coffee)

F: Flowers-They make a white room look ten times better and they smell so good

G: Gertrude-Best name (lol jokes, maybe. It’s funny. Sorry if you’re called Gertrude it cool)

H: Happy-I am often happy and smiling

I: Imagination-My imagination takes over a lot

J: Jigsaw puzzles-They frustrate me if they have 1000 peices but I still like them

K: Kindness-People say I am a kind person

L: LDShadowlady-She is so nice and I love her videos

M: Mouse-My family say that am quiet like a mouse, they call me cheesy mouse. I like cheese

N: Number-My favourite number is 7

O: Ok-My most used word when texting people (I like the word)

P: Photography-I love photography

Q: Quotes-I love quotes, they make me happy!

R: Read-I read a lot. Books are the best

S: Sticky notes-I have a wall for sticky notes with quotes on them

T: Talk Me Down: One of my favourite songs of Troye’s (one of them I love all of them)

U: Um-Another one of my most used words

V: Vlogs-I love watching vlogs, mainly Zoella’s

W: Warriors-A book series I am obsessed with, it involves cats so you know

X: Xylophone?-I don’t know what to write for x and xylophone is the first word I thought of

Y: Youtubers-My favourite youtubers are Zoella, Troye Sivan, ThatcherJoe & Caspar

Z: Zoella-My role model, I love her videos and her blogimgres-3

Thanks for reading this post. Subscribe if you haven’t already! While I was writing this blog post we went up 6 subscribers/followers! Thanks so much for the support 🙂 You guys mean so much to me!

Nira xx


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