So here in Australia it’s starting to come to Spring! Even though I love Autumn and Winter I can’t wait for it to be warm and sunny and to wear shorts and dungarees. Pink/nude lips with light eye shadow. The end of term 3 holidays are often my favourite (except for the christmas holidays that lead to a new school year) because there is the royal show which is not that far from my house. For people who don’t know what the royal show is it’s basically a theme park but there are house jumping shows, animal shows, you pet animals, there are show bags and rides to go on. At the end of each night there are fireworks which you can kind of see from my window (better seen from the tree in the garden). It goes on for a week and during that week trying to get a park is so hard, so people who live near the show do show parking. It’s so much fun! By the end of the week we normally have gained about a hundred dollars because of the show parking and spend some at the show (love how this was supposed to be a happy post about spring and how I’m looking forward to it and it has ended up to be a post about the royal show πŸ˜€ hahaha)

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Nira xx

P.s.Z.jpgAre you looking forward to spring or if you are from the northern hemisphere autumn?



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