Stages of Having a Celebrity Crush


Hey guys!

*Disclaimer: this post didn’t work out how I wanted it to but I still hope you like it! :)*

So in one of my last posts (you see that HERE) I talked about going to see the movie Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and I said that I had a new celebrity crush so that’s what this post is going to be about. This is a part 2 of Celebrity Crushes. Let me know if you want more posts like this in the comments. This post is about the stages that you go through when having a celebrity crush, well this is what I do and hopefully you guys can relate. These are in no particular order except 1 is obviously first.

1. Stalking them-Finding their social medias and following them. Once I have followed all of their social medias, I go through and look at what they have posted. I literally went onto Asa’s Instagram and twitter and scrolled through and I got to the bottom of his Instagram and it had to load to go through more of his twitter. So yeah stalking.

2. Changing your background to a photo of them-So you find cute photos of them and then when you change your desktop to that photo you find that it’s kind of blurry and the only way it’s not that blurry is to have it as tile! Yea just happened to me. Really annoying. But anyway, tile isn’t that bad sometimes if it’s quite a big photo and it has some of the photo on the sides and the top and the bottom but when it has the photo maybe 15 or more times in the middle, it just is a bit much.

3. Tweeting them hoping you will get noticed-Tagging them in photos on Instagram and tweeting them on twitter hoping they will see your tweet or the photo and they will reply or comment but in reality they’re probably to busy. See the good thing is that Zoella has a PO box and there are several bags yes but it isn’t blowing up her twitter because of so many tweets. If you write a letter or draw something or send her something she will most likely definitely see it. SENPAI! NOTICE ME! lol

4. Getting really defensive when someone disses your celebrity crush-Going full crazy defensive mode that no one knew you had in you. When someone is mean/rude to your celebrity crush you will destroy them (in your mind obviously). You probably wouldn’t defend someone else in this way because they don’t matter (they do but you like this celebrity so much that it’s just you and them in the world). So you defend this celebrity and you’re thinking “They might tweet me saying thanks for sticking up for me. Fans like you are the best” (probably not like that but maybe something similar. I don’t know meh)

5. Telling your friends about this person-Saying great things about this person like, he’s amazing, so hot, stuff like that. There are two ways that I’m thinking in my head that your friend can answer in (there are more ways but 2 that I’m thinking of) 1. Friend: “He is really hot actually” You: “He’s mine back off”   2. Friend: “He is not hot” You: “Good, I’m one person closer to him being mine”    (Yes these things go through my head. Really weird I know)

6. Creating fantasies (???????)-I don’t know, you might do this or you might write fan fictions?

7. Finally realising that they will most likely not notice you-This is the hardest part but once you realise it you soon either forget or you know they probably won’t notice you but you still look up to them and they are still your celebrity crush.

I hoped you enjoyed this post, it didn’t go as planned but still. Let me know if you liked this post by leaving a like and letting me know what you thought in the comments. Do you want me to do a post similar to this except for crushes not celebrity crushes?

Nira xx

Ps. Do you know Asa Butterfield? No?! Good he’s mine. Lol jokes. But seriously he’s really hot. 💞



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