Me & Youtube


So me and youtube are very close. Like VERY close. I mainly watch Zoe’s videos and LDShadowlady, Smallishbeans, ThactcherJoe, Caspar etc. Occasionally I will watch random hairstyle videos, makeup videos, outfit ideas etc. So I was just watching a hairstyles video  and somehow I found myself watching “How To Tell If A Guy Likes You”. I have no idea how! You know when you’re not concentrating and you just do something, I think that’s what’s happened. Have you ever done something like that? Anyway I’ve got really into trying to do rope braids because they’re so easy and so cute!

Sorry this post was short, I just felt like writing and I had found myself watching something and wanted to know if you guys have ever done that.

Nira xx

Ps. Do you like rope braids?
Pps. Thanks for 70 followers! It means alot


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