Be Happy



So for todays post I thought I would share with you what I do to be happy. Some of them are a bit weird so just warning you, but I hope you enjoy reading this post!

  • Dance like no one is watching-Put on some music, either headphones or just out loud and dance in your room, be crazy. Trust me I’ve done it before and it made me really happy.
  • Watching funny youtube videos-they don’t have to be ‘Try Not laugh’ videos but they could be funny cat videos because cats are adorable and really funny at times. You could also just watch your favourite youtuber.
  • Read-if you like reading and it has made you happy before read a book. Or maybe you really enjoy reading someones blog and it makes you happy do that.
  • Cry-I know that sounds really weird but a few weeks ago I felt terrible, I didn’t want to go to school (I actually really like school sometimes so it was surprising that I didn’t want to go), I felt like no one cared about me, I felt like no one liked me and I all I wanted to do was cry…so I cried. Several times a day sometimes, and at the end of the week I was fine. Now I’m happy and don’t have that feeling of wanting to cry all the time. I know people think that crying is for babies but everyone cries and you shouldn’t keep it in. Just let it out! Let it go (immediately starts singing Let It Go in head 😂)

I hope this post helped you in finding ways to happy. I have done all of these things and they have helped me so I hope it helps you too. Comment below your questions for my Q&A which will be going up sometime next week or maybe the week after.

Nira xx


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