Christmas Wishlist Tag



So I was tagged by IntellectualWiseGirl to do this tag. If you want to see her post on it I will link it HERE.

5 real things I want for christmas are:
1. Happiness in the world
2. Equality
3. No more wars (Donald Trump I swear, you start a war I’m gonna be real annoyed)
4. No racism
5. Be happy with who you are

Also if you believe in different things people shouldn’t live in fear because of that. If you are gay you shouldn’t be ashamed, everyone is different and people need to accept that. Boys are no better than girls, us girls should be payed the same amount and should be treated the same way.

Anyway I tag ThatWeirdGirl to do this Christmas Wishlist tag. I hope you enjoyed this post and go check out IntellectualWiseGirl because her blog is amazing.

Nira xx



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