What To Do On A Lazy Day/When You’re Home Alone

For those wondering the camera is an olympus EM-10


Today’s post is, as you can tell by the really long title, what you could do on a lazy/what I do on a lazy day. I hope you enjoy reading!

Have a relaxing bath-I don’t have a bath instead I have two showers in the same bathroom, in the same area. But if you do have a bath then just relax. Have a bubble bath or put in a lush bath bomb. Light some scented candles (because who doesn’t love scented candles) and maybe put on a face mask.

Have a one person dance party-Personally I love to jump around and do weird dane moves all over my room and on my bed. Go crazy, no ones watching you (unless you have really weird neighbours who look into you’re windows but that’s a bit much). Listen to your favourite music on full volume or not it doesn’t matter, maybe have your headphones in.

Read a book-Reading a good book is really quite relaxing and fun. Let your imagination run wild because there is nothing to stop you from doing that.

Colour-Colouring for some people is really relaxing. For others if you are a perfectionist and you need it to be in the lines and look good and symetrical (me) it can be quite stressful. So if you enjoy colouring and it makes you feel relaxed then do that.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know what you do when your home alone or having a lazy day. Thanks for reading!

Nira xx


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