Life Update #5

Just thought this was cute


I’M DOING 24 DAYS OF BLOGMAS!!!!!!! I’m really excited to be doing it but first I need to let you know that I won’t have internet on the 17th to maybe the 20th or 19th because I’m going somewhere for the holidays (more on that later). I will hopefully be doing some collabs for the 24 days of blogmas as well. Also let me know what you want to see during 24 days of blogmas because I want to know what you want to read and I don’t want to make it boring.

I’m really sad that it’s the end of the year because I have honestly loved this year so much. I have loved my class and even though sometimes some of the people really annoy me I will miss them. Next year the classes are changing and I don’t want that to happen. Next year I will be in year 10 and some people are leaving to different schools. I want you guys to all remember to cherish your high school years because for me they have been the best. The 23rd and 25ht of November have been my favourite days ever and that was thanks to everyone in my class. Thanks friends, “husband” and everyone else who has made this year so special. I love you all 💞   (literally writing that made me want to cry)

Nira xx

Ps. If you want to know more about my “husband” let me know.
Pps. Let me know what posts you want to see for 24 days of blogmas


10 thoughts on “Life Update #5

  1. How are you going to make the time? I’m going to try but man I don’t think I’ll make it! Have you planned everything out yet?


    1. I don’t know how I’m going to make time but I get up really early in the morning so I’m going to do it then and no I haven’t planned everything out because I decided to blogmas on the 29th. :\ xx


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