Guide To Christmas | Blogmas Day 8



So this is a collab with Simply E. If you haven’t checked out her blog then you need to after reading this post. Also check out her Guide To Christmas post.

Decorate-You have to decorate for Christmas otherwise your house looks the same as it did the whole year.
Bedding-Christmas bedding is another way you can decorate your house. Add some cute Christmas cushions and on your bedside table maybe put a cute little reindeer.
Clothes-Christmas jumpers and fluffy socks. Maybe a cute beanie/hat thing (bobble hat).
Don’t stress-It’s meant to be a happy time, try not to stress because that will make you unhappy.
Friends and Family-Spend time with friends and family. Spread the Christmas joy to everyone.
Music-Another way to spread the Christmas joy. Make a playlist and play it everywhere (maybe not everywhere but you know what I mean. Right?)
Presents-Maybe get them early so you don’t get stuck in the christmas rush.

I hope you liked this post and sorry for missing day 7. I was busy and I went out for dinner and didn’t have time. If you haven’t checked out Simply E‘s post then do so and I will see you tomorrow.

Nira xx



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