Cute Stationary | Blogmas Day 11



So I went to OfficeWorks with my mum this afternoon and we were looking for an address book and I found some really cute stationary. There was rose gold and cute quotes/sayings. I didn’t get anything which took a lot of self control because it was so cute. I then saw just plain brown, kind of looked like cardboard brown, notebooks and I thought they would be really good for DIY’s so next time I might just have to get some and I will do some DIY’s for you guys because I don’t think I have done any DIY’s. So next time I go in there I will get some and make a DIY.

Sorry this post didn’t have anything to do with Christmas but tomorrow’s post will. I can’t believe it’s already day 11. Time! Stop going so fast! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK ON SUNDAY! I can’t wait. Well actually I can. I’ll be turning 15 and by Sunday I will be in France. I will schedule posts but it might mess up and they wont upload so I hope that doesn’t happen. Anyway see you tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Nira xx


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