Gifts Expectations & Reality| Blogmas Day 19



So this post is a collab with ThatWeirdGirl. On her blog she has done the expectations so if you haven’t already go over and check out her post. Her blog is amazing and she is so lovely. I hope you enjoy!

1. You will most likely be rushing around trying to find a great present or still not knowing what to get. You will probably be stressing out and not having time to relax
2. You won’t have enough money so you won’t be able to get the gifts you wanted to get for people
3. You will be worrying about whether the people you gave gifts to will like them or not and whether you got them the worst present ever. You’re scared about what they might think
4. You have this great idea of how to wrap the gifts but when you actually do it it doesn’t look anything like what you were hoping for and you just want to start again

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and sorry that this post went up later than I was hoping for and that I have missed out on quite a few days. I have gone on holiday to France and therefore have a room that I can decorate so expect some DIY room decor soon!

Nira xx


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