4 Days | Blogmas Day 21



So I didn’t really know what to do for today’s blogmas so I thought I just share with you what I have been doing. Basically I’m doing another Life Update. Also please comment what blogmas posts you would like to see because it’s really helpful.
Anyway so I am now in France if you didn’t know already, I’m not sure if I’ve said it yet and it’s really cold. I’m used to Australia temperature which around this time of year it’s usually 20-40ºC and here in France it’s 2ºC (I think). I’m mean it’s a nice change because it means a cold christmas which is the stereotypical type of Christmas.
I’m going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I know, late. So late. My cousins are coming over on Saturday and we haven’t got them anything so that’s why we’re going. Also my mum, dad, brother and me (is that grammatically correct, I always get confused with that) haven’t got anything for anyone. Also I lived in France when I was in year 5 so when I was 10 and then came back when I was in year 7 when I was 12 and so we have already had a Christmas here (it snowed. I was so happy) but we never took the Christmas tree down so it’s been up for 2 years (or more. I’m not good at maths). I will post a photo of it on my instagram later.
My neighbour who is a really good friend, lets call her (I don’t know what to call her, I’m bad at deciding names, please help) is taking me to a place where she does gymnastics, which is the same place I did it, because we both like gymnastics and it’s fun. Do you like gymnastics? What can you do?

This post is getting long so I will stop now. Comment below so post ideas and maybe a name for my neighbour. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Nira xx


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