Morning Routine | Blogmas Day 22



I would like to say that my morning routine changes during the different seasons and on Christmas but I would be lying so here is my everyday morning routine for the whole year (I’ll try and put a Christmassy twist on it).

I wake up around 6am (I know early, I don’t like it) and I go on my phone and go on Instagram and then Snapchat. I will then go on my laptop and read the blog posts that have gone up and then watch the youtube videos that have gone up (24 days of Zoella and Zoe’s vlogmas is so good!) I have a routine and I don’t like it when that has to change. It feels weird. After I have caught up on that I will go to the kitchen and have breakfast. In Australia for breakfast I would have Just Right which is a cereal and here in France I still have no idea what is going to be my new Just Right. I will also have actimel which is a drink of some sort, I don’t know how to explain it. Then I’ll brush my teeth and get on with whatever I’m doing in the day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tomorrow I am hoping to get up a DIY because today we’re going CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Yea late, oops. I love shopping, even if we don’t get anything I get ideas of what I should save up for. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow for another blogmas post!

Nira xx

Ps. I hope you are having a great holiday


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