Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 23



(I know I posted it on the 24th but I had it written up but then I had to leave and I hadn’t got a photo so I didn’t post it then but I still wanted to post it)

It’s Day 23! OMG! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’m so excited! So many exclamation marks and it hasn’t even been 2 lines (< that is one and a half). My french cousins are coming for Christmas tomorrow and they do Christmas a bit differently to me, my mum and my brother. We open presents on Christmas morning. They open them on Christmas Eve. We have Christmas dinner/lunch on Christmas day. They have Christmas dinner/lunch on Christmas Eve. Personally it’s a bit weird because how is Father Christmas meant to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve if you have already opened them? Huh? Exactly.Haha.

I went shopping today for winter clothes because in Australia it’s summer so all of my clothes are short sleeves and shorts so expect a haul tomorrow.

I’m so excited for Christmas!!!!!!!

Also I have a pinterest if you want to check it out! Will be using it hopefully quite frequently. I also want to post more on instagram so I will make more of an effort to take pictures everyday and post.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you want to see more of my posts in the future, follow! It means a lot when I get a notification saying you have a new follower. We are just adding to our family!

Nira xx

Ps. What Christmas traditions do you have?


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