MERRY CHRISTMAS | Blogmas Day 24




So I know I said I would do a haul for you guys but there has been a problem. My laptop doesn’t have an SD card slot thing so I use this one that plugs into my laptop but I forgot it at home so I used my phone. Two things happened:
1. The photos were really bad quality and the blue clothes looked black, you just couldn’t really see anything, the lighting was bad as well
2. I sent them to my laptop by email but I can’t open mail on my laptop

I’m really sorry about this, I really wanted to get a haul up. Maybe if I can find the clothes on the website I will do the haul later but for now I will just do a different post.

Today is Christmas! Yea sorry, the post went up late again but I was still working on getting the photos so…yea. We are opening presents today. (Let me know if you want to see a post on what I got) After that I have no idea what we are doing. We might be going on a walk. There is a really nice walking trail in the forest/wood that we used to do. It’s really nice, I will take photos for you guys. My cousins are over for Christmas and they brought their dog. She is sooooo cute. She’s a year old but she looks like more than a year because she’s quite big but she acts like a puppy, full of energy.

Anyway I’m going to go now. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I will see you I don’t know when.

Nira xx



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