Sorry I haven’t posted since blogmas. I was busy and I now really understand why people say “Sorry. Couldn’t post. School” because I am so. TIRED. Anyway I couldn’t sleep last night and I just started thinking about what it would be like to have superpowers. Then I thought about the ones that would be really cool.

Telepathy. How cool would it be to be able to talk to someone without everyone hearing and without opening your mouth.
Reading people’s minds. I know. I know. Bit creepy but have you never wondered what people think about?
Cat abilities. Bit of a weird one but being able to climb a tree and have really good balance I thought was great. Plus…CATS! I love cats.
I know this isn’t a superpower but being really flexible and being really good at gymnastics like back handsprings and stuff and not being terrified to do it. Dreams 🙂 hahaha.
Flying. I know a lot of people would probably say this but it’s so cool!
Invisibility. Again a lot of people would say this but it’s cool.
Thinking about an something that you want and then clicking your fingers (for example) and thinking where you want it to appear and have it appear and then if you want it to disappear then you can do that as well. And you could turn something into something else and turn it back. I don’t know if there’s a name for that but it sounds so cool! Imagine what you could do. You could give clean water to people, give to the homeless and so much more!
Shapeshifter. I searched this one a while ago because why not and saw that it was turning into an animal. But I mean turning into anything! A table, chair…cat. Anything (well almost anything, not a country or planet because that’s a bit far)
Teleportation. Being able to teleport is would be so cool as well. Just imagine. Ahhh. Awesome. But not just being to teleport yourself but items. Bring them to you or teleport them home or somewhere.

Now just imagine them all together! How cool would that be?! Anyway thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time. I don’t know when but hopefully the weekend. Also I have been trying to post more on my Instagram. I’m trying to post everyday and for three days have a theme. Tomorrow will be a new theme. For those of you who already follow me can you guess what the theme was for the last three days?

Nira xx

What superpowers would you want?


10 thoughts on “Superpowers?

  1. You know there are some AMAZING movies that could further your obsession with super powers and more specifically the superheroes 🙂 *cough* Marvel Cinematic Universe *cough* I may or may not be a fangirl 😉

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