I Can’t Words

How cute is this! I LOVE CATS! Ps. Thanks to whoever took this photo…it’s adorable


I know I didn’t post on the weekend (the weekend is becoming my upload day) but writers block is so annoying. Like I have an idea of what I want to post and some sentences form in my head about topic but then when I try to type it it just doesn’t sound right. Also I don’t know what to post about. So I guess this is going to be kind of an update.

I’ve really been thinking about telling my mum that I want a blog. I just don’t know. You know how parents can be with the internet.
Anyway I have an idea for blogpost and I have one I need to finish I just need to get the pictures for it. So, one of them is a “What’s On My Desk” or something like that. I want to redecorate my room and we (me and my brother) are getting new desks (because we don’t have one).

I also want to be more professional (if that makes sense) with this blog like take more pictures, maybe work with brands (if I can pluck up the courage to ask my mum) and stuff like that because I think it would be really fun.

If you have any blog post suggestions please tell me them in the comments! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have/had a great day!

Nira xx


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