Fear of Windows?

If you type cute tumblr photos this will come up and it definitely is cute!

Um, yes I know. What am I on about, but I’m serious when I say that I’m not joking. I get scared of a lot of things. I worry about everything. I overthink every situation. I don’t know if it’s anxiety or not but it might be something. Now when I say I think of situations that I would not like to think about I mean situations like faces in windows. I had the unpleasant thought of thinking that people might be watching me through a window. Then I thought of a pretty terrifying face looking through the window. So now I am kind of scared of windows. I am also kind of scared of trains, its much of a fear this one more like some people on trains I would rather not see.

Anyway because this post wasn’t going to be very long I think I will update you guys on the, what is it? 10 days I haven’t posted? I think so. So, I went to Barcelona for 5 days and let me tell you it was so nice. It’s kind of cold in France so going there was so nice. It was sunny and warmish except for early morning and night where it got cold. I really want to do a blogpost about Barcelona so I just need to get the photos from my camera onto my computer and type the post!

School is on Monday. I want to cry. It’s always the first day back after the holidays that it’s really bad and you just want to lock yourself in your room. After that it gets a bit better. I’m a lot more nervous about school now though and I don’t know why.

I should probably go to sleep now since it’s 10:35 and I have to be up early tomorrow so I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry if there are grammar or spelling mistakes but I am writing this past 10 and I’m really tired. Thanks for reading!

Nira xx

Ps. Is fear of windows a thing?


4 thoughts on “Fear of Windows?

  1. gosh that sounds horrible having a fear of windows! I completely get the whole “is someone looking at me” thing though! It probably is an anxiety of a sort, but in some ways if it is an anxiety then you can label it and deal with it, which can be easier than fishing around in the dark trying to figure it out ๐Ÿ™‚ I really hope its not something that continues!
    also, you are so lucky that you got to go to Barcelona!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

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