Nothing’s Perfect


This has been bugging me for a while now. Do you ever get the feeling of you think of something or you see something or you want to say something and then you think “I’ll do it later” or “nah” and then it starts to reeeaaalllyyy annoy you? Yea? Well I get that feeling everyday and it’s so annoying. And when I’m reading something in my head and I mess up one of the words I have to start the sentence all over again because if I don’t it starts to annoy me. Once I felt like I needed to pee but I knew I didn’t but then this little voice in my head said “go pee, go pee, go pee” which was really annoying. I tried to fight it and stay in bed but it was annoying me so much that I just had to go and pee (tmi?) I just want things to be perfect and I say to myself “Nothing’s Perfect” and I seem to believe myself but now I’m not sure. I mean reading the same sentence over and over again because I messed up a word or I didn’t like how I sounded in my head when I said it is wanting it to be perfect and also quite boring because who wants to the read the same sentence over and over again?

Does anyone else get these feelings?

Nira xx

Ps. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time before school or after school to post here or on my instagram. Also thanks for 104 followers on my instagram and for 152 followers on here. It means so much!

Pps. I would really like to know if you guys get these feelings.


9 thoughts on “Nothing’s Perfect

  1. I totally relate!! I get this feeling all the time – like if I write a sentence, and a letter isn’t “perfect” I either erase the whole sentence or word and then I re-write it until it is “perfect”. It’s so annoying sometimes! I once had to redo a whole art project because of my “perfectionism” 😛

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  2. Hi Nira, BTW I just have to say you have been so supportive to me! OMG, looking through my comments you’re always there saying something so sweet and I love it! You are so kind and supportive so thank you!!!! Hear What’s Up would be different without you. Your comments make my day and make me smile too. I’m so happy I met you and I can’t wait to get to know you more.

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