My Body Has A Mind Of It’s Own?

!Weird Post -D.pngTHIS POST IS REALLY WEIRD! Just warning you 😊😂 I know, you’re probably wondering “What are you on about?” Well let me explain what I mean using two examples that happen a lot!

So you know, I’ve been to the toilet and I’m all good but about 5 minutes later my body is like “You need to pee” and I’m like “Nah I don’t” and my body’s like “Yes…yes you do. Go pee, go pee, go pee…” And you know that feeling that if you don’t do something it will really annoy you? Yea well that feeling comes and so if I don’t go back to the toilet, even if I know I don’t need to go, I have to go because otherwise it will really annoy me. So I go and I don’t go because I know I don’t need to so thank you body for wasting my time and making me go back to the toilet.

Now another example is, I go into my room, my phone is on my bed and I check the time and stuff just on the lock screen. Then I turn around to go to the door and I make it one step and then my body is like “Check your phone again, check it, come on check the phone” and then if I don’t do it, it will annoy me so I go back and check my phone. Obviously nothing has changed maybe it’s no longer 3:45 but 3:46 but that’s it.

Now do you kinda understand what I mean? I totally get it if you don’t because it’s quite weird. But yea…I hope you liked this post and I will see you next time I post!

Nira xx

Ps. The question marks on the picture up the top were meant to be emojis, oops!


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