Why Don’t We


Ok so I may or may not be slightly obssessed with Why Don’t We (ok…I LOVE them. In fact I’m listening to them right now (all my love)) I actually made a fan account for them, oops 🙂 (fan account instgram | fan account twitter)

Yea so that happened and I’m pretty sure I’m driving my neighbour crazy (slightly) because I keep talking about them like 24/7 *awkward laugh*

Oh and remember that blog post I did, Stages of Having a Celebrity (link here if you haven’t read it) yea well going through those stages again and I’m at stage 7 soooooo yea.

Argh they’re so cute/hot! I can’t! I need help. I just want them to notice me! I want to meet them!

Anyway I’m done, I’m going to go back and watch Why Don’t We funny moments.

Have you heard of Why Don’t We? What’s your favourite song? Who’s your favourite?

Nira xx


Daniel                  Zach                    Corbyn                           Jonah                              Jack



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